100 years of rugby at Hinds

Garry Brown (left) and Ray Swan are celebrating 100 years of Hinds rugby.

This year marks 100 years of rugby in Hinds, and the Southern rugby club are celebrating the milestone with a re-run of their 75 year jubilee booklet, an event and rugby match.

The Southern Rugby Club was formed in 1994 after the amalgamation of Mayfield and Hinds rugby clubs.

Ray Swan wrote the original Hinds Rugby Football Club 75th Jubilee booklet covering the history of the club from 1922 until the creation of the Southern Rugby Club.

To mark 100 years of rugby in Hinds the Southern Rugby Club will publish a limited re-run of the Hinds 75th jubilee booklet with an additional section added, detailing the history of the Southern club since the amalgamation.

Ray played for Hinds and is grandfather of a current Southern player.

“We’re very community and family minded we’re very focused on the fact that Hinds Club doesn’t exist now, but Southern is a very important continuation of the Mayfield and Hinds rugby clubs,” Ray said.

As well as a re-print of the booklet the Southern club invites past Hinds players, officials and supporters to attend a Watters Cup game at Hinds on Friday, July 8, the club will host a pre-match function at the Hinds clubrooms at 5.30pm.

Southern Rugby Club life member Garry Brown is helping to write the new addition to the booklet.

Garry who has been involved with the Hinds Club since 1979 is looking forward to writing about the development and success in the club over the past 25 years.

“Hinds and Mayfield would be one of the most successful club amalgamations probably in NZ.

“Both clubs put a line in the sand when Southern started in 1994 and everyone forgot about Hinds and Mayfield and they just worked together to make it a success.

“We started as a new club and we built it from the bottom up, and that only happened because a lot of loyal guys kept playing while we were building it up,” Garry said.

The club had a shaky start but 2000 was a pivotal year when players retired or moved on and new players had to step up marking the start of a decade of success.

“In 2001 we won our first Watters Cup and we were in the finals for the next eleven years.”

Ray looks back fondly on his playing days for Hinds.

“Hinds was the highlight of my club rugby, I played for a good team at Dunedin teachers college, but Hinds was very significant.

“Both my wife and I were teachers in Eiffelton, and the Eiffelton district and Hinds supported us, we made life long friendships that has carried on through the years.”

Ray spent six months researching and writing the original 75th Jubilee booklet.

“The original request from the committee came through a mate of mine, it was a hell a lot of fun writing the book.”

Garry added “these guys did a great job with original book, you need to write down the history because a lot of it is only in peoples heads.”

-By Daniel Tobin