Netball lads on court

Oscar Gray, 10, Lachie Robinson, 11 and Finlay Cosgrove, 10 are some of the boys in a new all-boy netball team.

Finlay Cosgrove, 10, was the only boy playing netball at Allenton School so he took the initiative and started the first all boys netball team in Ashburton.

“I just wanted more boys to play with,” Finlay said, “so I got some of my friends involved, and they got some of their friends involved and that’s how a all boys team started.”

The netball is six-a-side, the boys have seven in their team and play all girl teams on Saturday mornings.

“People always think girls are only good at netball but we want to show boys can be good at netball too,” he said.

Fellow team mate Lachie said he liked netball because “you get to move around and try new positions.” Finlay likes shooting.

The team is called the Allenton All Boys. Finlay’s mum Amy has been involved in netball a long time and thinks it can only be good for the sport to have more males involved.

“It’s 50% of the population we are missing out on, I think it’s awesome these guys are forming a team. I hope other clubs see that and do the same.”

The boys are also keen rugby players, and the skills picked up playing netball are helping the boys rugby game. Amy said Saturday morning is netball and afternoon rugby, “that’s the great thing about it, they can play two sports there’s no clash.

“It’s good for kids to be playing multiple sports so them playing netball really helps their rugby skills as well, just the hand eye co-ordination , kids should be given exposure to as many sports as possible.”

The sage advice the boys have for others is “You never know if you like something until you try it.”

-By Daniel Tobin