All set for Shakespeare comedy

Lights are tested on stage on the fast emerging set for Twelfth Night.

By Mick Jensen

Lights are tested on stage on the fast emerging set for Twelfth Night.Fifteen talented young actors from the Big Little Theatre Company (BLTC) will perform Shakespeare as its never been seen before when they take to the stage at the Event Centre next week.

The venue will be recreated to offer an taste of the famous Globe Theatre and the sparkling comedy Twelfth Night will be presented by accomplished actors, who are big fans of The Bard.

Twelfth Night tells the story of a shipwrecked pair of twins who fall in love with all the wrong people and have all the wrong people fall in love with them.

It is a farce of mistaken identity and how love can make us all fools.

Three performances on November 22, 23 and 24 will feature an elaborate and well-thought out set design.

Set builder Phil Webb has directed a team of six over the last three months and construction includes a main revolving stage, dockside, ship’s mast and sails, boat, jail and cart.

Mr Webb said the revolving stage featured garden, home and palace scenery, the latter using an improvised shipwreck for affect.

The revolving stage allowed quick and seamless scene changes.

The three day pack-in of the set would be followed by painting and tweaking.

Actors would be able to enter the stage from all directions, including from underneath it, Mr Webb said.

Four rows of seats have been removed from the front of the auditorium and will provide standing room for up to 40.

Called the groundling, or pit, in medieval times, the area was typically used by poorer theatre goers and often provided its own dramas for seated audiences.

BLTC director Jackie Heffernan said her young actors had travelled to the other side of the world earlier this year to train and immerse themselves in all aspects of Shakespearean theatre.

After receiving that “world class training”, the actors were very keen to perform in a recreated Globe setting for their own community and in their home theatre.

A festive celebration of all that has been achieved over the past 10 years by BLTC awaited audiences, as well as a presentation of “Shakespeare’s most sparkling comedy”, Mrs Heffernan said.

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