Ann seeks parking support in CBD

Volunteer Ann McKay is hopeful of getting parking assistance for senior volunteers with limited mobility.

Ashburton volunteer Ann McKay is seeking support for her mobility-restricted peers, who have been more restricted due to a lack of parking in the central business district.

She is hoping to garner enough support to approach Ashburton District Council about getting parking dispensations – or something similar – for senior-aged volunteers with limited-mobility who volunteer in the central business district.

A large percentage of them were aged over 80 and restricted from walking any great distances.

A dispensation would give those volunteers a chance to park close to their places of work, just for the time they are rostered or scheduled to work, Mrs McKay said.

Mrs McKay, 82, has volunteered at St Vincent de Paul for the past 18 years and had noticed an increase in the number of her peers being issued parking tickets over the past few months.

Most likely due to extensive revitalisation work being done in town and parking being at premium.

But it was having a detrimental impact too.

Mrs McKay said one of her friends – who was in her late 80s – had considered giving up her volunteer role due to the parking woes. She was unable to walk too far to get to her work place and the cost of a parking ticket weighed heavily on her mind.

Volunteers were not seeking a handout, just a bit of help to enable them to fulfil their roles, which ultimately helped others in the community.

If only something could be done to make us not feel targeted, Mrs McKay said.