Antique tools added to collection


Hand-made antique tools of a European craftsman have been gifted to the Lynn Woodwork Museum in Tinwald.
Long-time Mid Canterbury resident Willem Van Mierlo handed over his father Theo’s joinery tools on Monday.
Some tools were more than 150 years old.
The small collection features Dutch and German-made items and includes a unique addition to the Lynn collection, a German-made perfing tool.
Other items include moulding planes, a Dutch made side rebate plane with brass inlay, a marking gauge adapted for curved surfaces and matching tongue and groove planes.
Mr Van Mierlo said his father had been a joiner and furniture maker and had worked on the famous miniature buildings attraction Madurodam, near the Hague, from 1953 until 2004.
His great grandfather, too, had been a joiner and some of his tools from the mid 1850s were included in the collection handed over to the Lynn Woodwork Museum.
Mr Van Mierlo said his father suffered from dementia these days, but had been a keen and regular visitor to the museum during his trips to New Zealand.
‘‘My dad was always very impressed with the museum and its very impressive and extensive collection, so it feels right to be gifting his tools,’’ he said.
The Lynn Woodwork Museum features around 15,000 items and was established by Bob Lynn, who spent a lifetime working with wood.
It includes impressive examples of ornamental turning lathes, including early examples from the 1820s and 1830s, ordinary lathes from the early 1900s, a timber collection (xylarium) of more than 3000 samples and woodworking tools galore.
Museum custodian Lindsay Holland, the son-in-law of Bob Lynn, said the museum had been gifted other tool kits over the years.
What made the latest donation a little bit different was the fact that it featured tools made in continental Europe.
‘‘Most of the items we have are English made. We do have a few European and American items, but it is a pleasure to add Dutch and German tools to the collection.’’
Mr Holland has made 10 new display cabinets over the last couple of years to house the expanding collection.
The Lynn Woodwork Museum is part of the historical Plains Vintage Railway and Historical Village in Tinwald and is usually open when there is an event at the Plains, or by Running shoesAsics Onitsuka Tiger