Art extravaganza a rich show of colour

With their artworks are Tui 5 students (back from left) Lennox Parsons, Henry Oldham, Vinnie Thompson, (front from left) Kenji De Lara, Richard Harborne, Jamie King, Libby Woolley and Megan Aguila.

There was style, colour and hours of work put into imaginative projects showcased at the first art extravaganza held at St Joseph’s School last Friday.

Each of the school’s 12 classes worked on themed art this term and combined their talents to also produce impressive collaborative works.

Parents toured classrooms at the art extravaganza and check out a variety of themed works that ranged from dragons, kiwiana and Pasifika through to others inspired by Mexico, Asia and diwali.

Mrs Middleton’s Tui 5 class of Year 3/4 students took their dragon ideas from the Dragon Defenders books of James Russell.

Their creations included dragon masks.

Children in the Kiwi 2 class focused on Pasifika influences and created colourful wall art designs. Some of those designs were taken and used on two fabric cushions projects.

Senior students looked at the works of well-known Mexican portrait artist Frida Khalo and created their own portraits.

They also created Day of the Dead masks and set up a photographic display.

Each senior student contributed a number of small art squares for a collaborative piece called Hands of Peace, made up of 483 squares.

Collaborative art projects from each of the 12 classes were given as raffle prizes and the proceeds went to the home and school committee at St Joseph’s.latest jordansMens Flynit Trainers