Art teacher Milly re-invents herself


Milly Brown has a passion for teaching art and is re-inventing herself to be able to continue doing so.

Last month she started offering online art classes.

Two, one-hour blocks are held weekly for students and there is an additional feedback session.

Year 7/8 students are currently tackling a module called Luscious Landscapes, while Year 9/10 artists are focused on Pompous Portraits.

Milly is a former head of faculty at Ashburton College and has been a teacher for over 20 years.

When covid teaching mandates came into force last year she made the decision to opt out of mainstream teaching rather than be jabbed.

“I’ve been considering doing something new and outside of the typical school environment for a while, but the mandate forced my hand and I’m doing things earlier than planned.

“What I’m doing now gives me the freedom to teach as well as I know I can and also to share my passion for art.”

Milly said her concentrated teaching approach online was helping students make quick progress.

In a classroom she typically shared her time with up to 30 students at a time, but being able to offer her attention to just one or two students was really paying dividends.

“I’ve got a couple of Year 8 students whose work is on par with art students in Years 11/12. I’m just gobsmacked by that.”

An online gallery of her students work is planned.

“An online gallery will give students a place to sell their art and for others to also view it,” she said.

Milly plans to start one-on-one NCEA tutoring soon.

She is also selling art resources online and runs art classes for home schoolers with a friend.

Plans to convert her garage into rented accommodation will help make ends meet for the industrious mother of three, who is meeting covid mandates head on and re-inventing herself and the way she delivers her love of art.

For more information on the art classes email to or visit her Facebook page.

-By Mick Jensen