Artists run wild with colour

Photo: Young artists Emily Simons, 12, Matilda Gallagher,10, Rose Vannini, 13, Maggie Moore, 12, and Cloe Stowell, 15, work on colourful collage pieces that they will later be able to take away to enjoy at home.

By Mick Jensen

Young imaginations are encouraged to run wild and there is colour aplenty at regular painting sessions hosted by local artist Robin Arnst.

Five girls, aged between 10 and 15, are enjoying the Thursday afternoon (4pm to 6pm) art focus this term.

Mrs Arnst has been giving classes for a number of years and works from a light, airy art studio above the post office on East Street.

Although she offers direction and advice, young artists are urged to “listen to what their head tells them”.

Robin Arnst said she followed a general plan that introduced artistic concepts, chose specific themes and subjects and then looked at styles that could be incorporated into art works.

Students collected ideas from books, photos, sketches and cuttings and used their imaginations to get creative.

They worked in a variety of mediums and understood the idea of complementary colours and the difference between opaque and transparent.

They practised techniques such as spattering, dry brushing and were currently working on collage works on board.

Mrs Arnst said she enjoyed seeing confidence and art skills grow in her young proteges.

They were all quite different in character and while some listened to her advice better than others, they were “all a joy to work with”.

Art students are encouraged to start works, put them on hold if they wish, and then return to them refreshed and with new ideas.

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