Avid book readers rewarded

Winning young readers Liam Bennett, 6 (left) and Brooklyn Delanere, 9, at the Ashburton children's library.

Five young Mid Canterbury readers have been rewarded for their enthusiastic literacy habits.

Brooklyn Delanere, Liam Bennett, Jan Archer Manzano, Savannah Harkers and Izzy Brook were among repeat customers of the Ashburton Library’s children section over the holidays and have all won $50 vouchers after their names were drawn from a lucky dip of borrowers.

Brooklyn, 9, and Liam, 6, were on hand to collect their vouchers as children’s librarian Jonathan Nixon conducted the draw after a fun hour of games, attended by about 30 children.

Mr Nixon apologised for a shortage of potato chips, saying last year’s event was attended by only five children but he was stoked to see so many more young readers.

The children played some old-fashioned games that included trying to melt an ice cube with bare hands, keeping two balloons in the air for as long as possible and building a tower of Nutrigrains using chopsticks.

The children competed in eight challenges and were rewarded with drinks and nibbles as the summer reading programme wound up for the holidays.

Brooklyn said his favourite book over the break had been the Tractor Book while Liam’s favourite was the Lego Pirate book.

“I am glad you all read so much,” Mr Nixon told the assembled young readers. “Thank you for taking part in the summer challenge and I hope to see you throughout the year.”


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