Award for tennis stalwart

Chris Anderson with her 10 plus years service award certificate.

Mid Canterbury tennis stalwart Chris Anderson has been recognised with a service award from the New Zealand Tennis Umpires Association.

The tennis veteran, who has coached the game for more than 35 years, first got involved in the officiating side in 2008.

She completed her national refereeing certificate in 2012 and with her knowledge and experience can act as the umpire, tournament director and score games if needed.

“You need to know the rules of tennis and also when to apply them.

“For me, the best tournaments are those that run smoothly and don’t require me to be called out to court,” Chris said.

Rule updates five years ago had been designed to make the umpire role simpler and rules were clearly defined.

Occasionally she needed to get involved on-court and then might have to calm a situation, or make an official call.

“I do enjoy the umpiring side and I see it as a way to give back to the game that I have known all my life.”

She had attended many tournaments over the years, including a number overseas, and understood what went on behind the scenes.

Chris was born and brought up in a tennis-playing family at Lowcliffe.

Tennis is very much in her blood and she had spent countless hours on court playing, coaching and officiating.

She coached at the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre for over 10 years from 2005 and later continued coaching at the Methven Club and at nearby schools.

“I decided during covid that I would pack in the coaching and take things a little easier.

“I’m keen to keep up the umpiring and I’ll still do the draws and help run local tournaments.”

Chris is not playing too much tennis either these days and has swapped the tennis racquet for the golf club.

She plays at Ashburton Golf Club and enjoys regular nine-hole social matches.

Her front nine handicap is 10 and her back nine handicap is nine.

-By Mick Jensen