Baker Matt enjoys time way from bakehouse


By Toni Williams

Lockdown has given baker Matt Harvey a new lease on life.

Unlike the rest of the country, Matt, who owns Harvey’s Bakehouse in Ashburton and Rakaia, did not take up baking during lockdown.

Instead he chose to spend quality time with partner and business colleague Emma Halliday and children, Kaitlyn, 9 and Thomas 2, doing anything but baking.

He also stained the front fence, has sown a new back lawn and watched a lot of movies ranging from comedy to action and everything in between.

It’s a time he has enjoyed over lockdown, into Alert Level 3 and it’s rekindled a yearning for more work/life balance.

As a result Matt, who has been donning his baker’s hat for more than 20 years, has decided not to open either of his Harvey’s Bakehouse bakeries on Saturdays.

The decision has come as a relief for the couple who have been working six days a week, working from 1am (baking) through to 5pm (bakery) closing.

out on working six days a week,says.

more time together as a family at the weekends.

And it means his staff of 10 will not have to work any weekends too, he says.

While spending time at home Matt has missed his customers and playing golf. He admits to not being a great golfer but enjoys it.

He has avoided heading into the bakery for many weeks but now both bakeries are ready for reopening today under Alert Level 2 having been cleaned and stocked up.

He says orders had also been placed for hand sanitiser and plans put in place for staff movements, keeping them and customers protected.

Under Alert Level 2 he will for the best and to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Thomas has given the family plenty of light hearted moments over lockdown but it’s Matt’s daughter Kaitlyn’s goal to own the bakery in the future but not work the hours which probably is quite telling.

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