Behind the scenes look at theatre

Ashburton Event Centre manager Roger Farr operates a lighting desk.

The Ashburton Event Centre is opening it’s doors this weekend to give the public a look behind the scenes at how showbiz magic is made.

Theatres around the country are taking part in the event in association with Musical Theatre New Zealand.

Event centre manager Roger Farr said it is about keeping the flag flying for theatre performance and venues.

“Because of covid settings it’s been decimated and it could be another six months before we see it come back together again,” he said.

The public will get the opportunity to see the work involved behind the scenes when a production is on stage.

“We are offering a tour of the venue, to see into the nooks and crannies of how the magic is created.”

There will be the opportunity for people to be hands on.

“They will be able to operate lighting, sound audio visual and what we intend is to have live performers on stage and then people will be able to run the lighting or sound desk under the watchful eye of our technicians,” Mr Farr said.

The actors are volunteering their time for the day.

“We’re very lucky in Ashburton, there is a great team of performers who are very willing to help out when we need them.”

The event centre will be open this Saturday from 10am to 2pm, if you want to take part in the technical side you can preregister at the box office or by email at