Bin scheme to Ashburton College to reduce litter

Photo: Committee members Timmy Vaevae, Rosie Twamley, Flynn Taylor and Oskar McLauchlan with Sheryl Stivens

By Mick Jensen

A new bin scheme to encourage students to litter less and recycle more will be introduced at Ashburton College from the start of next term.

The trial is supported by Envirowaste educator Sheryl Stivens and Ashburton council and is being driven at a grass roots level by the college’s environment committee, led by Hannah Mae Jarrari.

Ashburton College’s 1100 students are being asked do the right thing by recycling bottles, cans and cardboard in co-mingling bins.

There is funding of $3,700 for 30 yellow wheelie bins, graphic stickers for the bins and other promotional materials.

Recycling presentations were given to students from Years 11-13 last week by Mrs Stivens and the environment committee to capture student interest amd to explain how the bin system worked and why it was needed.

Students answered a number of multiple choice questions on recycling using online gaming tool Kahoot.

“It is always hard to get recycling to work at colleges and institutions. This model at Ashburton will hopefully show the difference when recycling bins and signage look very different than waste bins,” said Mrs Stivens

Getting the students into the habit of separating recyclable resources from waste would reduce the litter at the school. The bins would be collected, sorted by robots at a recycling facility in Timaru and then sent to be made into new products around the world, she said.

Plastics were a big menace and July was plastic-free month, Mrs Stivens said.

The campaign to encourage the community to get active in sending less rubbish to landfill has been jointly driven by Love NZ and Be a Tidy Kiwi and developed by The Packaging Forum.latest Running SneakersAir Jordan Release Dates Calendar