Birds of a feather, fly together

Trent Baker's Lorikeet kite, pictured during a test flight, is a gift he made for his mother in Australia.

Kite designer Trent Baker was going to showcase his 11 metre long Lorikeet kite this weekend at Lake Hood Kite Day.

But the annual event has been cancelled due to the country’s move to Red under the covid protection traffic light system.

Trent has been working at Peter Lynn Kites (PLK) in Ashburton since September 2019. PLK is considered the global Mecca for kite flyers.

He designed the colourful Australian native bird kite as a personal summer project.

It was a labour of love gift for his mother Jo, also a kite enthusiast, who lives in Melbourne. She along with husband Ricky own Kites4Kids in the Aussie city.

Trent grew up around people in the kite industry and has been working at the Ashburton factory, learning the craft around cutting, sewing and design work. And he’s loving it.

Trent is now planning his next move before sending it to her across the ditch.

‘‘Since we don’t know how long restrictions will be in place for I’m most likely going to ship it off to my mum,’’ he said.

PLK will have kites on show at the Seaside Festival at Caroline Bay in Timaru on February 5 from 11am to 3pm.

Since the move to Red under the covid protection traffic light system, organisers had changed their plans and made a festival a four day event.