Books help log adventures

Lauren Korstrom with her travel and tramping log books.

A Methven woman has made the plunge and left her full time job to launch a business producing log books to help people record their tramping and travelling adventures.

Lauren Korstrom, a native of Canada, was introduced to hiking when she relocated to New Zealand.

“I didn’t do much hiking in Canada, when I moved here my partners mum was into hiking, so I emersed myself into that,” she said.

A keen diarist and blogger Lauren had the idea of producing log books specifically for tramping and travelling.

“Because I like diaries I thought it would be cool to have something that had prompts in it so you can record where you’ve been.”

The prompts in the tramping log book include date, location, elevation, difficultly rating, weather details, pages for photos and notes and safety information.

“It’s a good way to look back on what you’ve done, for me especially with hiking I can see my progress as well, because you start small and move to bigger hikes.

“With the travel log it’s great to look back at where you stayed, did you like it? would you go again?”

With computers often being the place where people store their photos and writing, having a book in your hand has its advantages.

“You remember things better when you write them down, it is a lot more tangible.

“In the future it will be like a memento, in years to come I will have this cool collection of all the places I’ve been,” Lauren said.

Leaving full time work has had it’s challenges, but Lauren felt it was time to take the plunge.

“The biggest thing is not having a steady income like I used to, so it is a mind set shift, you just have to commit and go for it.”

Lauren plans to expand her business supplying the log books to shops, starting with the smaller shops and boutiques in Ashburton.

The books can be purchased from her website

-By Daniel Tobin