Borough pushed into zone scrap

The proposed zone.

By Toni Williams

Ashburton Borough School is being forced into a David vs Goliath-style battle with the Ministry of Education – one it might not win – over school zoning.

Citing a risk of future overcrowding, the ministry has requested the school’s Board of Trustee’s (BOT) introduce an enrolment scheme and zone.

However BOT chairman Mark Cook, in a letter to the school community, said based on historical trends, over-crowding was unlikely to be an issue.

“In the board’s view there is no current risk of over-crowding at Ashburton Borough School based on historical attendances and trends and therefore an enrolment scheme and zone are not necessary.”

The BOT said the ministry’s proposal did not account for development and population growth in Ashburton, and its impact on the school and the town’s network of schools.

“…the issues surrounding the enrolment scheme and zone, and objections to the board’s proposal appear to be driven primarily from a property entitlement and funding perspective, as opposed to the effects on the network of schools in Ashburton,” he said.

  • Full story, see this week’s Courier

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