Braebrook locals want seat, bin

Cyril Keen and Kevin Merrilees at the attractive Braebrook reserve.

By Mick Jensen

It’s a scenic spot and getting busier, but the reserve at a Netherby subdivision needs to be enhanced with a permanent picnic table and rubbish facilities, say two residents.

Braebrook locals Cyril Keen and Kevin Merrilees rate their “piece of paradise” as a top spot in Ashburton, and both are keen for it to remain that way.

A wooden table and chairs were donated to the playground site opposite his home by Mr Merrilees seven years ago because he saw the need for them, but unfortunately, over the years that furniture has been thrown in the nearby pond on six occasions and may soon have to be scrapped for good.

With more visitors, rubbish has become another problem at the reserve, because there is no official bin on site to put it in.

“There were three campervans here the other day and out of towners enjoying this great spot.

“The playground and the outlook draws them in, but rubbish is mounting and soon there’ll be nothing to “0sit on either,” said Cyril Keen.

The table had been repaired more than once and six chairs had now been cut back to four and repaired multiple times.

“What’s needed is one of the those concreted down picnic tables, because it will be well used.

“Rubbish wise, I’ve tied a bin to a nearby tree and it fills up. I’m happy to empty it, but what we need is a proper, permanent bin,” he said.

Kevin Merrilees said although there were two seats on the nearby jetty overlooking the pond, he believed a lot of people liked to sit on the playground area to keep an eye on kids and also to picnic.

An unofficial custodian of the reserve, he said he often picked up litter and weeded parts of the planted area.

“I was one of the first residents in the subdivision and I love it here.

“I’ve seen the estate grow and with a couple of improvements, like a picnic table and bin, it will be great for the community for years to come,” said Mr Merrilees.

The reserve is a dog-free zone and has attractive landscaping and plantings.Authentic Nike Sneakersتخفيضات