Bringing colour to the Triangle

Triangle business owner and resident Justin Skilling (right) with Christchurch graffiti artist Wongi Wilson and the new mural. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Ashburton business owner and landlord Justin Skilling is doing his bit to smarten up and revitalise the Triangle precinct in town, a place where he works and lives.

The latest initiative has seen a large, impressive spray painted mural added to the side of his business premises, Juice Signs + Design, on the corner of Cass and Victoria streets.

The colourful mural features the head of a woman and was done last week by well-known Christchurch graffiti artist Wongi Wilson.

It is the third commissioned work completed by Wilson in recent months.

Another, which features three native birds, is on an inside wall of Triangle Espresso, a building over the road that Mr Skilling also owns.

A third mural has been completed in the stairwell of the nearby two-storey building, where Mr Skilling lives.

All of the properties, including another nearby tenanted by Auric Electrical and Plains Power, have all seen sizeable refurbishments and upgrades over the last few years.

Mr Skilling said he had more plans to expand and improve his property portfolio in the Triangle precinct.

“The Triangle is well known and a great area that just needs a little love to revitalise it,” he says.

He was doing his bit to help with that regeneration, alongside the CBD upgrade being completed by Ashburton District Council.

“The latest mural is a way for me to give back to this area.

“It also helps turn the Triangle into a vibrant place, where hopefully more people will want to do business.”

Inspiration for the murals was supplied to the artist by Mr Skilling, and he was very happy with how the artist had interpreted it.

Community feedback had also been very positive, he said.

-By Mick Jensen