Burritos with Korean flair

K-Burritos food truck owner Jaeyong Jang.

Ashburton food lovers have another tasty option to get their taste buds tingling; burritos with a Korean twist.

The K-Burritos food truck has set up shop next to the town clock on East Street and owner Jaeyong Jang is excited to bring his take on burritos to the public.

It’s Jaeyong’s first business venture but he has plenty of experience in the kitchen after working as a chef in Queenstown.

Due to family commitments and wanting less stress and better work/life balance, Jaeyong left the chef job and worked for Air New Zealand in Queenstown, before he relocated to Ashburton with his family just over a year ago.

He decided to revive his love of cooking and follow a childhood dream of having his own food truck. “This was a business I dreamed about as a kid, you know, its sort of romantic, you can drive wherever you want to go, but it was difficult to make it come true, it was a bit of a process, and finally I’m here,” Jaeyong said.

The burrito idea came about from Jaeyong wanting to twist Korean flavours into something “and I thought of burritos, I can enhance the flavour, all the meats are marinated by Korean inspired flavours.”

K-Burritos owner Jaeyong Jang serves a burrito.

The truck has been operating for two weeks and is already attracting a lot of interest and regulars.

It is parked next to Tu meke BBQ food truck on East Street.

Tu meke who have been trading for a while welcomed the new business.

Jaeyong said the Tu meke owners had been really good, “they are already successful, so thanks to them as well.”

There is a mouth watering selection of burritos on offer including beef bulgogi; thinly sliced beef marinated in a soya sauce base with pears, garlic, ginger and sauteed with vegetables.

“Bulgogi is a traditional dish, if you’re having a birthday or if your grandma is happy she’ll make bulgogi for you,” Jaeyong said.

Jaeyong is enjoying being back in the kitchen, but running his own business brings new challenges.

“I haven’t worked in a kitchen for around five years, but it’s not the cooking, you’re dealing with suppliers, computer work, costings things like that,” he said.

Feedback from hungry Ashburtonians has been positive. “I remember one guy, who is a local chef, he ordered a burrito and went away, then he came back and said ‘I have to tell you this is amazing, it’s so good!”

The orange K-Burritos food truck can be found on East street on Tuesday-Friday from 10.30am – 2pm, and is also open Friday evenings 5pm – 7pm, pre order is available on 021 251 5185.

-By Daniel Tobin