Carolyn walks off weight

Carolyn Macey-Rai is tracking her personal success to achieving better health, and helping raise money for Plunket.

Carolyn Macey-Rai’s personal health has never been better since taking on a challenge to improve it.

The young mum started the year weighing 116.8kgs, and has lost 16kg to date.

She had no energy and was tired of being tired all the time.

She started walking. At first it was 6km, then 10km distances.

She then signed up with personal trainer Toresa Hooper and did a six-week challenge.

She lost 9.7kg, and a total of 41.5cm from her body measurements.

“I won the challenge … weighing in at 103.7kgs.”

It was a huge achievement for her.

“I have way more energy and I am not tired any more.”

Her personal success has seen her want to encourage others in their efforts and raise money for Plunket along the way.

She is doing the Motivated Me 30km walk over Easter Weekend and The Plunket Virtual Fun Run of 10km event on Saturday.

Carolyn and friend Jacinta Jenkins, of Christchurch, have signed up for the virtual fun run. They have a page on the Plunket site at and would love people to show their support by donating to Plunket on the page.

All the money raised supports Plunket’s work in the community.

Carolyn has a goal weight of 75kg and with a daily challenge programme is keeping track on her daily progress through her tracking watch, downloaded to her phone.

It is among other things, measuring her physical activity, sleep patterns, calorie burn and achievements. It also tells the time and date.

Carolyn and Jacinta will be running/walking around Ashburton township to raise funds, so look out for them this weekend.