Changes for netball club

Retiring United Netball Club president and A team coach Claire Tappin (left) and interim president Kimberley Grayling.

United Netball Club’s president is stepping down after a decade in the role.

Outgoing club president Claire Tappin is also taking time out as the coach of the club’s A team.

Mrs Tappin said the concept of fresh ideas and new ways of doing things for the club is important.

‘‘That’s the good thing about me stepping out of the presidency and having a year out of coaching at the same time, so somebody fresh can come in, it will be their way of doing things. It needs to be different and attract different people,’’ she said.

Mrs Tappin thinks after ten years as president it was time for a change with the leadership of the club.

‘‘I think ten years is a landmark time for the club to have a change in where they are going and how they are getting there.

‘‘As a coach I have probably struggled a little bit over the last couple of years with how much coaches are required to deal with the interpersonal, I think it is really important for coaches to take the time to refresh themselves.

‘‘I’m hoping to get out there and pick ideas from other people and then look to come back into coaching,’’ Mrs Tappin said.

Committee member Kimberley Grayling will be stepping in as interim president and the club will appoint a formal president at the AGM in April next year.

‘‘In the meantime my job is to look for a replacement A team coach,’’ Mrs Grayling said.

There are no special requirements for the new coach.

‘‘I’m looking for a really good fit, someone quite vibrant to bring fresh ideas and a new style, although its been great with Claire, this is an opportunity for new blood, so we are looking for someone who maybe an ex premiere player or a current coach who is looking for a new opportunity.

‘‘Claire has been a real steady-the-ship personality within our committee she has kept everyone motivated and a steady committee group, she is really great at rallying the troops,’’ she said.

As well as a new A team coach the club is also seeking players for trials in March next year, if you are interested in playing or coaching contact the United Netball Club through their Facebook page.

The club offers support for the new coach including paid for coaching courses.

~ By Daniel Tobin