Church sells rimu pews

Carl Ruddenklau with two of the church pews that are now surplus to requirements.

Pews have been replaced with chairs at St David’s Church in Allenton and there’s a dozen or more for sale.

The four-metre long pews have been a part of the church furniture for around 50 years and are made of rimu and feature vinyl-covered squabs.

Some 27 pews have been removed from the main church area. Half of them had tubular heaters fitted underneath and those have been removed and are for sale separately.

Some 180 chairs have been purchased at a cost of around $100 each to replace the pews

St David’s Church property convener Carl Ruddenklau said a number of pews had sold already.

At $100 each they were very good value and were well made.

He said some people had found them too long to take home and some were shortening them.

Mr Ruddenklau said he intended taking a pew. along to the Ashburton MenzShed, where he was a member, and would have it reduced in size before offering it for sale.

All pew sale proceeds would be used to part offset the cost of the new chairs.

Mr Ruddenklau said the congregation had held a vote before deciding to replace the pews with chairs.

He personally had been against the change, in part because of the cost involved, but the new chairs were comfortable and had been well received. Each chair has a rack that can hold a bible or hymn sheets.

Mr Ruddenklau said the chairs gave the church more flexibility with using the worshipping space.

New carpet and improved technology had also been recently added.

He said the church had a more modern look and was well-placed for meeting the future needs of parishioners.

Anyone interested in buying a pew can contact Mr Ruddenklau on 027 220 9963 or 308 1852.

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