Clothing baled for Europe orphans


Hand-knitted winter clothing, made locally for orphans in Eastern Europe, has been baled and transported to Christchurch.
Jerseys, hats, scarves, mittens, and socks, many in bright colours, have been crafted over the last year in an exercise dubbed Operation Cover Up.
Ashburton knitters and church groups have supported Operation Cover Up for a number of years.
This year’s tally included 99 large blankets, 50 small blankets, 448 hats and 107 jerseys.
Items were baled at Alan Blair’s Westerfield property on Monday.
Totals were down a little bit on previous years, but it was still a good haul and great community effort, said local co-ordinator Ossie Hooper.
Volunteers were not getting any younger, but were still keen to support the worthy humanitarian cause, he said.
The Mission Without Borders project began in 2000 and had supported orphanages in Moldova and other countries.
Containers stuffed full of warm clothing and hand knitted blankets are collated and shipped out from Auckland ahead of the start of the northern hemisphere winter.
Donations also include hygiene items, stationery and toys.
Financial donations to Operation Cover Up can be made directly to the ANZ (06 0185 012220605).
Photo: Ossie and Juliet Hooper and Don and Joy Hopwood.Nike SneakersWomen's Nike Superrep