College returns to rostered home learning

Rostered home learning has been reactivated at Ashburton College.

Ashburton College has again moved students to rostered home learning with a renewed spike in sickness among staff.

It is the third time the college has resorted to the roster system; the most earlier cases were due to increased covid cases.

College principal Ross Preece said it was with regret the college was rostering students home, starting with Year 11, from tomorrow (Friday, June 10).

Next week Year 12 students will learn from home on Monday (June 13), Year 9 on Tuesday (June 14), Year 10 on Wednesday (June 15) and Year 13 on Thursday (June 16).

Following this, rostering home will be reviewed every two days, he said.

‘‘This action has not been taken lightly and is in response to an acute staffing shortage.’’

Mr Preece said students will have access to work to complete via Google Classrooms, or hard copy, for their scheduled days home.

‘‘Keeping up to date is vitally important so students can attain the credits as NZQA have indicated they will not be offering learning recognition credits as they have done over the last two years.’’

He said external courses such as Gateway, Ara, work placements etc will still run as per usual even if it is a rostered day off. Senior students may be able to come on site and work with available staff if pre-arranged.

The parent, student, teacher interviews on Tuesday (June 14) are going ahead as planned, and calle for understanding if staff were unwell and unable to attend.

‘‘An e-mail will be sent to you prior to interviews if this is the case.

‘‘All staff will be wearing a mask (unless a mask exemption applies).’’ Mask wearing for parents and students is strongly encouraged (a supply will be available at the door).

The Burnside sports exchange planned for Tuesday will also go ahead.