Communication is key

New entrants Naman, William, Katie, Luca and Annabel in front of the new classroom building site.

New entrants from Allenton School have been learning to be good communicators.

Pupils from Rooms 19 and 20, all aged five and only been at school for up to four months, invited their school neighbours to hear about their new classroom build and renovation projects. They phoned, emailed and hand delivered invitations.

The school has an increasing school roll with limited classroom space and the new build was going to be a big benefit.

Their invitations were accepted by six neighbours and they arrived last week at the school for an informative session.

Pupils in groups of five lead one guest each to the site fence. Usually bustling with busy tradesmen, the site was silent this day as tradies waited for concrete to arrive.

It gave the budding “super speakers and lively listeners” a noise-free chance to show their guests around the site and share their knowledge.

The building is rectangle in shape. It will be made of concrete foundation and floor with structural steel and timber wall framing.

There will be seven new classrooms within the building, which has indoor and outdoor spaces.

It will have carpet tiles in most areas.

There will be a kitchen facility, as well as four unisex toilets.

The building work will be finished “after two Christmases”. It will cost $6 million.

Some of the junior playground came down to make way for the work, but “it’s all right now” as alternative play space had been found for the juniors.

The school has been operating in junior, middle and senior school bubbles because of covid.

The junior pupils have sent their drawings and requests to the Board of Trustees on what they want to see in their new playground. It has included standard options but also those outside the box like a swirly slide into water.

Allenton School new entrants digital book of learnings to share.

The children – and staff – were keen to see how this panned out.

As part of their further learnings the pupils had put together a digital book of learning which they wanted to share.

It can be seen by scanning the QR code.