Community behind new security camera

Hakatere huts residents with the new security camera, back row from left, Robert Mann, Kaylene Donaldson, Pete O'Brien, Neighbourhood Support Ashburton District co-ordinator Sue Abel, front row Dennis Gant (left) and Richard Tucker.

The tight knit Hakatere Huts community have banded together to install a security camera in their neighbourhood.

A neighbourhood support group was formed last year and one of the first concerns they wanted to address was safety.

Neighbourhood Support Ashburton District co-ordinator Sue Abel said the community is fairly isolated and most people are retired.

“The community asked for a security camera as there had been a few incidences in the area and they felt it would provide a little bit more safety.

“We worked with a number of people and Masterguard came on board and gave some good advice on the best security camera,” she said.

The neighbourhood support group did some fundraising to buy the camera and members of the community dug the trench and erected it, Masterguard will continue to maintain it free of charge.

The camera captures the cars coming in and records licence plate numbers, the feed can be accessed via a smartphone app.

“If there is a car in the area behaving suspiciously at say 2am then we can check 2am on the app and see the number plate,” Sue said.

~ By Daniel Tobin