Council signs off ‘general concept’ for $51.6m centre

A preliminary design concept for the new centre, and showing the Methodist church at left, with its addition, and the proposed civic centre and library.

Ashburton council has released preliminary designs for its $51.6m civic centre and library in Baring Square East.
It also approved the ”general concept” for the centre and will go ahead with a timber design solution ”in general accordance with the presented concept; and proceeds with an artesian well and chilled beam cooling system within the new building.
That will involve a test bore and, if successful, a total of four bores, two to take water and two to re-inject it.
The proposed system ”uses” the water before putting it back into the ground.
The proposal also preserves historic Pioneer Hall in Havelock Street by building around and over it, and giving it a see-through roof.

Designers have assured the council it can be built on budget.
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