Council to continue to operate gym


Ashburton council will continue operating the EA Networks Centre gym rather than opting to lease it to a third party, following an independent review of the service.
The review found that the gym generates a surplus that subsidises the operating costs of the whole EA Networks Centre facility, and Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel says the decision to retain management of the gym is the best financial option for ratepayers.
“In 2015, council resolved that after the gym had been operating for three years, we would review the option of leasing it out. This was to help ensure we were making the most financially prudent decisions about the EA Networks Centre for ratepayers.
“The review has found that the income received through gym memberships helps to offset the centre’s other operational costs that would not be achieved to the same level if the gym was leased out. This offset assists in keeping rates and user charges for other parts of the centre down, which is a much better outcome for ratepayers and centre users,” she says.
According to the findings, the financial return from Council retaining the gym is projected to generate $134,233 more per year than the return made on leasing the gym out.
The review is now available on the council website www.ashburtondc.govt.nzAuthentic Nike Sneakers大注目アイテム!モンスターパーカーを使ったおすすめコーデ12選