‘Courageous’ production


Ashburton Christian School pupils presented the impressive multi-media stage production Courageous on the last day of school term.
Two performances in front of parents and school supporters at the Event Centre offered an insight into what it means to show courage.
The show opened with edgy, contemporary music and dance.
It followed a young man’s journey through the years as he comes face to face with life changing situations.
The seven act play featured film clips, memorable backdrops, clever acting and choir performances.
It used a number of historical characters, including Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parkes and Olympic runner Eric Liddell, to demonstrate true acts of courage.
Around 60 actors were involved in Courageous, which was directed by Ashburton Christian School principal Tim Kuipers, and was a Christian themed story.
Mr Kuipers said performers had practised ‘‘over and over’’ for much of Term 2 to get things right for the shows.
Schools parents had all lent a hand with props and costumes, said Mr Kuipers.
Pictured: The choir performs this song near the start of Courageous.Best jordan Sneakers/New Releases Nike