Crimefighter laid low


By John Keast

Alan Manhire is a crimefighter, and he has paid a high price for his work.

Mr Manhire is recovering in Ashburton Hospital after having a brain haemorrhage while trying to track down two people who broke into the Mayfield Service Station in the early hours on July 29.

A Givealittle page has been set up to try to help the family –

Says anxious wife Deborah: “He’s lucky to be alive, yet I think he’s the most unlucky man alive.”

Mr Manhire, a truck driver, has been walking the streets of Mayfield to try to deter people who have broken into or damaged buildings in the village.

Mrs Manhire said that just after 1am – “they must have been watching him” – he had been out, and when he came in the alarm (at the garage) went off.

“He ran back, but they were that quick, in and out, and one had an axe and one a crowbar.”

They took cigarettes and chocolate bars.

He could not catch them but joined another man in a car to try to find the offenders.

It was when he was in the car his brain haemorrhaged.

Mrs Manhire said his brain bled internally and some blood seeped between the brain and the skull.

She said he could walk but was unco-ordinated.

She said it would be sometime before he could return to work.

“He’s a great dad and stepdad and, sadly, we now need help to keep our family afloat.

Mrs Manhire said the family had big mortgage commitments and she was afraid they would lose their house.

She had also been trying to set up a mobile food business outside their property.

“Alan doesn’t deserve this to happen to him while he was trying to help others.

“I need to finish the food caravan. I’ve already incurred thousands of dollars of debt building the outdoor setting the good caravan was going in and if I don’t finish it and start to make some income, our family will be even worse off.”

Photo: Mr Manhire with stepdaughter Jessie and disabled son Jake in happier days.bridge mediaNike