Detonators stolen from locomotive


Police are investigating the theft of equipment from a locomotive at Ashburton railway yard sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.
Police were advised at 11am on Thursday morning that a large quantity of equipment, including 24 railway detonators, a fire extinguisher and a hand held radio were taken.
“The detonators are placed on the tracks to act as a warning there is an emergency ahead.
They are pressure detonators, so when a train runs over them, they explode as a warning,” says Senior Sergeant Matt Emery.
“Our concern is if these items are found by someone who doesn’t understand what they are, they could cause serious injuries.”
The detonators are round, orange and marked as ‘‘Explosive”.
Anyone with information is asked to call Ashburton police on 03 307 8400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.Nike SneakersSneakers