Dexter focus at open day


By Mick Jensen

Jackie Wright will promote the hardy Dexter cattle breed at an open day on her Wakanui stud over the weekend of October 15-16.

She has been a Dexter breeder for 12 years and names many of her cattle after Beatles songs.

Her stud is called Abbey Road and this year has been a top breeding year with seven newborns arriving.

Lucy in The Sky gave birth to Starr, Michelle to Eleanor Rigby and Baby in Black to Martha My Dear.

Other Dexters enjoying the good life on the lifestyle block include Golden Slumbers, Hey Jude and Polythene Pam.

Dexters are an old Irish cattle and colours include reds, blacks and duns.

Some are short legs, other long legs and heifers have horns that grow up and in.

“I love them because they are perfect for small blocks like mine.

“They are a small breed, just 1m at the shoulder, and they are pretty low maintenance,” said Jackie Wright.

Dexters calved easily, were generally good mums and because they were a lighter cow, were easier on the land, she said.

Various pure bred stock will be for sale at the open day and there will be information on other Dexters for sale around the Canterbury area.

Jackie Wright’s Abbey Road stud will be open to the public from 11am until 3pm on both days.

The property is located at 87 Wakanui School Road, a short distance from Wakanui School.Nike sneakersNike Air Max 270