Dietitian mum shares food tips

Health coach Katie Charlton and Max are enjoying life in Ashburton.

Ashburton dietitian and new mother Katie Charlton knows too well the stresses, strains and cheeky smiles of raising a toddler.

She moved to Ashburton from the United Kingdom in September 2019 and baby Max was born in January last year. Two months on, the country was in covid lockdown.

Katie said sleep deprivation and comfort eating took their toll in a form of post-natal anxiety but she called on her years of professional training and private practice to get herself back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

Now she wants to help other mums.

Katie grew up in Dunedin and graduated from Otago University with a degree in nutrition. At 21, she went to the UK and later trained as a dietitian.

When she was pregnant, she packed up her house and life and returned to New Zealand. Her mum was living in Ashburton, so she came here and Katie is so pleased she did.

“Ashburton is the perfect place to raise children, I’ve felt so supported here.”

Now she is building a life with 15-month-old Max and has started a health coaching business called Maximise Health Coaching.

Katie said she coaches clients online via zoom and is now starting a face-to-face group for mums in Ashburton who want to feel healthier and lose weight while they raise their children and beyond.

“It’s group coaching. I want to create a supportive community to help mums become who they want to be. Having a healthy relationship with food and losing weight without dieting and looking after your health is so important,” she said.

“That’s being a healthy weight and eating healthy without going on a really super calorie-restricted diet.”

Katie, like many others, found herself comfort eating during lockdown while she was also adapting to life as a mother.

“I understand the journey mums go through, with low energy, and lack of sleep and I’ve now got to a place where I am happy with my weight without dieting and feel empowered to support other mums.”

She also wants to model good eating habits for Max.

The first meeting of her Healthy Mums Weight Loss Coaching Group is in the Rakaia room at Community House Mid Canterbury at 10am on Wednesday June 2. Spaces are limited.

The first meeting is free and future follow-on meetings each month will cost $30.

“This is for women who want to take care of themselves in a holistic sense. You can be a far better mum with good mental health and better energy. Weight loss happens as a by-product of taking care of your health. I think Mums deserve to give back to themselves like this.”

To book your place for the first free meeting on June 2 email Katie at