Donna steps up to help in lockdown

St Vincent de Paul Ashburton shop manager Donna Collins has been busy supporting people in need during lockdown.

Lockdown has once again seen St Vincent de Paul Ashburton shop manager Donna Collins step up to be a multi-tasker.

With the shop closed and a sizeable pool of volunteers staying safely at home, she is the one answering phone inquiries and assisting those in need.

Donna puts together and then delivers food packages to families and individuals around Ashburton.

Her two sons, who are in their early 20’s, have been her support crew, as they were during the last lockdown.

So far the numbers needing food parcel assistance had not risen noticeably this time around, she said.

There was a steady and constant need but it was the logistics that had changed during the covid lockdown.

Deliveries that have been made have followed the strict non-contact regulations in place.

St Vincent de Paul Ashburton president Mike Hanham said Donna was doing a tremendous job.

She had taken it upon herself to keep things running and was doing the work normally done by volunteers.

“Our volunteers are in the older age bracket and we don’t want too many people at the foodbank during lockdown.

“Donna’s a bit younger and she’s getting on with it,” he joked.

Items going into the St Vincent de Paul food parcels are carefully selected and typically have a value of around $120.

Demand varies each week.

People needing assistance can call Vincent de Paul Ashburton on 027 607 0107. They may be asked to leave a message but will receive a call back and short interview to determine their needs.