Dose of silt, but local pool set to open

Photo:These Longbeach School juniors dressed to impress in sea themed outfits on Friday.

By Mick Jensen

The Willowby Community Pool has been cleaned up for a November opening after July’s heavy rain flooded it with an unexpected deluge of silt.

The rain flooded a nearby creek, swept across a paddock and under the pool’s fence.

With the water came a large quantity of silt that threatened to put the pool out of action for the summer season.

Professionals were brought in with chemicals to send floating silt to the bottom of the pool and that silt has now been sucked out.

The community facility, which is overseen by a committee, was left with the prospect of finding money to pay the hefty $2700 clean up bill.

Last week the pool committee received the welcome news that its insurance company will now cover the cost of the clean up work.

That news was very welcome, said Willowby Pool committee member Jayne McLaren, because the pool was a local asset and to have it running again without any debt was great news for the community.

Over summer local school children could find themselves using the pool three times a day, both during and after the school day.

“The pool is community owned, on private land and is a prized and well used asset,” she said.

Two years ago, some $70,000 had been spent on upgrading it.

The pool site has been used for swimming since the 1940s and was formally developed in the 1960s.

Proceeds from a sea-themed mufti day at nearby Longbeach School on Friday will cover the insurance excess of $500 on the approved insurance claim.

Students dressed in mermaid outfits and life buoys and as pirates, sharks and other nautical creatures and raised $610.Asics shoesNike