Duck shooters urged to follow safety rules


Mid Cantabrians duck shooting this weekend are reminded to stick to the seven firearms safety rules – treat every firearm as loaded, point firearms in safe direction, load a firearm only when ready to fire, identify your target, check your firing zone, store firearms and ammunition safely, and avoid alcohol/drugs when handling firearms.
New Zealand Police acting superintendent Mike McIlraith said hunters needed to be vigilant when hunting in close proximity to each other to avoid serious injuries or worse.
“I can’t emphasise enough the importance of handling firearms safely,” he said.
“It is critical hunters treat every firearm as loaded, always point firearms in a safe direction and to check your firing zone.”
New Zealand Police officers will be out with Fish and Game rangers again this year.
Acting Superintendent McIlraith said they would be checking hunters were properly licensed, conducting themselves responsibly, and offering advice on how to stay safe.
Their joint approach was aimed at educating hunters, promoting hunting safety and compliance with Fish & Game hunting regulations, and firearms laws.“Anyone who is planning to use a firearm is required to have a valid firearms licence and comply with the New Zealand Arms Code,” he said.
“Going hunting with your mates can be good fun and having a drink with your mates can be fun too – but these two activities should never be mixed.
Operating a firearm safely requires vigilance and good judgement, so skip the alcohol until the firearms are locked away safely,” Acting Superintendent McIlraith said.
“It’s important to us that you keep yourself and others safe this duck shooting season.”latest jordansNike