Duo stepping down

Bob McDonald and Sue Cooper have made the decision to step down from organising Boulevard Day.

Long time co-ordinators of Ashburton’s Boulevard Day have decided to end their involvement with the event.

Boulevard Day has been running for 45 years and local business owners Bob McDonald and Sue Cooper have been organising the event for around 30 years.

Sue said their involvement came about from having a passion for the CBD and wanting the best for the community

“I think it’s a fabulous day, it is community focused and great for the wellbeing of CBD businesses and a drawcard to bring people in. We had people coming from Cheviot to Oamaru, a huge amount of people, the streets were full,” she said.

They said the decision had come after much deliberation and was tinged with sadness.

“The last three years have been extremely challenging for us and the increased workload has proven too much for us both. The environment around covid is still very uncertain, this has impacted greatly on putting together our fantastic long standing Mid Canterbury community event.”

Bob said it was time to step back after being event co-ordinators for 30-odd years and let someone fresh take over, but warned there is plenty of work involved for the new person.

“It takes nine months to put the event together, it would be over 200 hours of work a year,” he said.

They describe the person who takes over as someone who is well organised, patient and a people person.

“They have got to be able to communicate with people and be flexible.”

The Ashburton District Council have been supportive of the event over the years, “with the CBD redevelopment they worked really hard to make it happen,” Bob said.

“We’d like to thank the Nelson Building Society for their huge support, and our volunteer supporters who come every year, including family members, that’s huge for us,” Sue said.

“We’d also like to thank the businesses in the CBD for their support, there are some wonderful innovative people in our community that run businesses.”

-Daniel Tobin