ECan rates to increase by 10.5 %


Environment Canterbury (ECan)has adopted the 2019/20 Annual Plan, confirming a 10.5% rate increase to fund transport, freshwater and biodiversity priorities.
ECan concluded deliberations on the draft Annual Plan 2019-20, Fees & Charges Policy, Revenue & Financing Policy, and rates for the coming financial year on 16 May, the same day that it declared a climate emergency. Today the plan and policies were formally adopted and the rates set.
While no significant changes were proposed to the type of activity or strategic direction outlined for year two of the Long-Term Plan (i.e. for the 2019/20 year), the adopted Annual Plan has a rates increase equivalent to around $33 per year for an urban Christchurch property valued at $570k, in order to increase spending across priority areas of freshwater management and biodiversity, and support service improvements
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