Emotional Clifford gets top Inner Wheel award


By Mick Jensen

CanBead founder Sarah Clifford was taken by surprise and moved to tears at a presentation of a prestigious national award by women’s service organisation Inner Wheel.

The mother of two founded CanBead in 2010 after a battle with cancer and has established the CanInspire Charitable Trust to offer jewellery making and fly fishing courses to help and support others affected by illness, trauma and loss.

The trust offers workshops throughout New Zealand and is supported by volunteers.

Inner Wheel District NZ297 chairman Carol Haskett said Sarah Clifford was “an amazing woman and an inspiration to others”.

She was a very worthy recipient of the Margarette Golding award, which recognised highly commendable service either in Inner Wheel or in the community, and was a role model who showed empathy, initiative and unselfish service.

Sarah Clifford continued with her own battles with cancer, but remained the driving force behind CanInspire and promoted it with a passion to others.

The criteria for the Inner Wheel award was set high and remained a significant marker of an individual’s commitment to others, said Mrs Haskett.

Mrs Clifford spoke at an Inner Wheel meeting earlier in the year and impressed members with her achievements and commitment.latest jordan Sneakers実は結構ヤバい!恋愛依存症の女性の特徴5選