Essential workers help the community

The staff at Tinwald SuperValue remain positive during the latest lockdown.

While most of the country hunkered down at home for another level 4 lockdown, our essential workers battle on, making sure the community is fed, fuelled and safe.

Tinwald SuperValue has plenty of experience servicing its community during emergencies, with May’s floods isolating the suburb when both bridges were damaged.

Co-owner Gaylene Thompson said when this lockdown was announced there was brief initial panic from the public, but after two days they were not stripped of stock like the last lockdown.

She said her staff were coping very well and knowing what to expect this time was helping them cope better.

“We all have our moments where we wish we could be off like everyone else.

“As a whole we really like being able to help people, we’re all here doing our best.”

There was a steady stream of people shopping in the supermarket with no queues outside.

“People are getting what they need, supplies are coming all the time, there are some liquor limitations, which will take until early next week to resolve,” Gaylene said.

The supermarket continues to manage stock levels and restock quickly to provide the local community with almost everything they need.

“Our online ordering system was new at the end of the last lockdown, its great to see customers using this. We also have many older customers who phone in orders whom we are so pleased to be able to help,” she said.

Bread and milk sell out fast each day and bread can take a few days to be replenished.

Gaylene said staff appreciated the many positive comments from customers.

“It helps all our staff keep going, knowing we are working while many enjoy a break can be tough the longer we are in lockdown but we all like the fact we are helping people stay safe.

“This is about helping as many as we can and limiting everyone’s movements.”

By Daniel Tobin