Food, skills to fore at market

Anastasia Skilling and Emori Balenaisa, both 12, with a small selection of school art that will be for sale at the market day.

Creativity, cooking, and teamwork will be showcased at the Ashburton Intermediate School market day on December 7.

The event, a whole school effort, will feature 26 stalls, two from each class.

Half of the stalls will feature colourful class artworks for sale, the rest split evenly between food and hard-material gifts.

Stalls will be themed and include Harry Potter, animals, Japanese, Pacific Islands and the Mad Hatter.

The food menu will have cuisine inspired by India, Japan, Mexico and other countries.

Each of the school’s 13 classes has a chief executive officer to lead and co-ordinate the market day effort. Each chief executive is supported by a 2IC.

Students will work in groups and focus on the defined areas of marketing, launch, production and design.

Year 7 chief executive Emori Balenaisa said students would rotate duties on the actual market day and had been working on sales items since the beginning of term 4.

The aim was to make as much profit per class and as a school as possible.

Collective profits would be given to the Cancer Society, he said.

Year 8 chief executive Anastasia Skilling said the market day was held every two years in the school grounds.

Side shows this year included a throwing challenge, petting zoo and candy floss selling.

She said the market day project helped students further develop communication skills, time management skills and encouraged teamwork.

The market day runs from 11am until 2pm and real money will bed exchanged for “school money”.short url linkΓυναικεία Αντιανεμικά Μπουφάν , Αθλητικα Μπουφάν , Nike, adidas , Προσφορές & Εκπτώσεις Sport