Funds for school solar panels

The classroom block at Carew Peel Forest School with solar panels on the roof.

Carew Peel Forest School has received $48,000 to update it current solar system.

The upgrade will enable the school to reduce its running costs and also its emissions.

School principal Sharon Ketter said the current system was able to produce, utilise and sell energy, but was not able to store it.

The new funds would allow energy to to be stored and used on cloudy days and in the evenings.

“It also means we will have 24/7 communication ability and we’ll be a bit more self sufficient if the need arises.”

Mrs Ketter said the upgrade would increase the energy resilience of the rural school and meant it could potentially be used a civil defence asset in the event of a natural disaster.

The solar power system proposed will be internet connected and live monitored and aspects of it can be incorporated into the science, technology and maths curriculums at the school.

Mrs Ketter said as well as using less power from the national grid, the new system would reduce carbon emissions by an anticipated 2000Kg CO2-e per annum.

There is no timeframe set yet for the upgrade and the school will work in with the supplier.

Ninety-four schools around the country have shared $5 million in two funding rounds of the government’s Sustainability Contestable Fund.Sport mediaAir Jordan