Gallery fence framed; now it is a picture

Photo: Admiring the new outdoor art are contributors, from left, Joy Stack, Noriko Otaki, Judith Mitchell, Val Henderson, Jane Rant and Lin Challis.

A “bland” section of fenceline at Ashburton Society of Art’s Short Street studio has been transformed with framed colour.

Around 40 recycled or donated picture frames were used for the permanent art installation.

The frames form seven different colour groups along the fence.

The project has been completed by a local art group, who meet between 10am and 2pm each Monday at the Short Street studio.

Group member Jane Rant said the dull, grey fenceline was not in-keeping with the brightness and vibrancy that featured in the nearby art studio and gallery.

It was decided that a fresh, bright look was needed and after permission was granted by the society, the project sprung to life.

Bright colours, like orange, green, blue and pink were used and paint applied to frames in just one day by the artists.

The paint had been donated by Resene and hanging had taken another day.

“We’re really happy with the finished article – it’s bright, vibrant and a big improvement on the previous grey blank canvas.”

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