Garden yields giant produce

Alistair and Marion Perkins growing giant spuds and apples.

Marion and Alistair Perkins call their garden a ‘jungle’ and giants can be found among the foliage.

This season there has been an abundance of fruit and vege not just in quantity but in size, with some apples the size of pumpkins and a single potato weighing in at 2kg.

But the reason is a mystery.

Marion can’t identify anything out of the ordinary that has prompted the bumper harvest.

The couple make most of their meals from the garden where beans, tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins grow.

“For most of our meals I go in the garden, pick it bring it in and cook it,” Marion said.

Rows of jars line the kitchen bench filled with preserved apples, friends and family are kept supplied with apples and black boy peaches.

Marion also donates fruit to the Salvation Army and Kai for Kids.