By Mick Jensen

German language students Sam McArthur and Bianca Tawatao have been awarded this year’s two Ashburton College PASCH scholarships.

The Year 12 students will spend three weeks in Germany in January and enjoy a language immersion experience alongside students from around the world.

Ironically, the pair are enjoying a first time experience in Germany as part of an Ashburton College German educational tour.

Ashburton College annually receives two funded PASCH scholarships through a partnership agreement it has with the Goethe Institut (New Zealand).

Sam McArthur began learning German in Year 9 and hopes to continue studying the alongside music at university.

The former Chertsey School pupil said she loved the challenge of languages and was excited about the new year immersion experience in Frankfurt.

Bianca Tawatao began learning German when she arrived at Ashburton College in Year 10.

Originally from the Philippines, she said she was looking forward to experiencing the European culture.

Although keen on science subjects, which she planned to study later, Bianca said she enjoyed the academic challenge of learning German.

Ashburton College student Henry Hickman just missed out on a third possible scholarship.

Twenty four senior German language students from Ashburton College are part way through a three week tour to Germany that combines classroom study with cultural excursions.

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