Get in behind, Harvey!

Harvey Eggleston, at 82, is the oldest member of the Mayfield Collie Club.

Harvey Eggleston, at 82, is one of the oldest members of the Mayfield Collie Club.

The elder statesman helped celebrate the club’s centennial dog trial event last week with dogs Rain and Bud.

He has been with the club 34 years but has a 60-year history with dog trials, having earlier been involved with the Oxford Collie Club.

He and wife Annette were seeking the sun when they moved from a 283-hectare sheep and beef farm at View Hill, in Oxford to farm firstly at Valetta in Mid Canterbury, then to a sheep and beef farm, with dairy grazing, at Alford Forest.

They lived on the farm for 20 years before selling up and moving to a 10-hectare lifestyle block along Ashburton Staveley Road, commonly known as Greenstreet. They run 50 ewes.

The Mayfield Collie Club was a strong club with a lot of young members coming up through the ranks, he said.

He was “by far the oldest member” and was humbled by the support given by younger members.

“They treat me so well,” he said.

He was on marshall duty during day one at the popular Class 2 yarding event, where a steady line of competitors arrived to put their name into his run notebook.

They were entered on a first-in first-served basis, Harvey said. The number of entries was helped by 27 local members having a run on the Thursday prior to the trial.

Mr Eggleston had been a steward on Class 2 for many years.

In his younger days, he also spent time slipping sheep, holding them in a loop on the hill prior to each competitor’s dog run.

At the Mayfield centennial he had three-year-old heading dog Rain, son of Storm, and four-year-old dog Bud, aka Rosebud, daughter of Rose, in the Class 2 yarding event. Neither featured in the top tier running.