Gym fans take over business

Stu and Debbie Phipps have taken over Figure Fitness Ashburton.

Regular exercise has transformed the lives of Stu and Debbie Phipps and when the opportunity to own the gym they’ve been using for the past six years came along, they jumped at it.

The couple took over Figure Fitness just after lockdown and have bought the business from Monique Rouxel, who founded it and has now moved out of the district.

Figure Fitness operates from the Allenton Rugby Grounds off Melrose Road and offers a variety of classes to help keep people fit and active.

Stu and Debbie have been passionate about about their health and fitness since both were hit with health scares.

Stu had a heart attack eight years ago at the age of 53, while Debbie has had breast cancer.

“I knew I had to change my ways, so I put it up online that I was after a personal trainer and all the responses came back with Monique from Figure Fitness. I’ve not looked back since,” said Stu.

He said he and Debbie had learnt a lot from Monique over the years and were now enjoying passing that knowledge on to others.

He had lost around 20kg since his heart attack and his cardiologist was impressed with his health.

“We’re both still working full time and renovating the house, so to take on this business shows we are passionate about it.”

Stu said he was keen to encourage those over 50 to exercise regularly because he knew first hand how important it was to stay active and to keep moving.

Figure Fitness was also family friendly and kids were invited to come along with their parents.

Classes are held at 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, weekdays at 6pm and also at 7.15pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is also a 10am class on Sunday.

Classes focus on areas such as core, upper body, lower body, circuits and cardio. Weights, body weight and other equipment are used and workouts are on the grass, netball courts or covered area, depending on the weather.

Figure Fitness is offering three free classes to people wanting to check things out.

More information on the Figure Fitness Ashburton Facebook page.

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