Hampstead pupils busy at home

Riley Martin reads a book to to his gran via his iPad. Below: Paige Walker with a birthday cake made for her dad, Jump jammers Colton, Tayla and Skylah Jensen in action and Will Broker with his building block project.

Hampstead School pupils have been keeping busy during lockdown and shared learning feedback and fun photos of activities and challenges they’ve been doing.

While some have been sewing on cushions, making snake names on the footpath and going for walks, others have been painting, reading, drawing and exercising.

Paige Walker posted a photo of an impressive birthday cake made for her dad and Riley Martin read to his grandmother via an online connection on his iPad.

Colton, Tayla and Skylah Jensen enjoyed a jump session and Will Broker made his own Great Wall of China from building blocks.

Hampstead School principal Peter Melrose said pupils had accessed work posted on school dojos and were invited to post up how they were going.

Learning hard packs in stock from last year had been given out to some pupils and new packs were arriving soon.

Children were being encouraged to watch Home Learning TV, which had recently started up again.

Lockdown was a matter of staying in contact, keeping families up to date and keeping children occupied and productive at home, Mr Melrose said.

Children were being encouraged to read and to read to other family members and to enjoy time as a family.

Under Level 3 students and pupils around the district are continuing home learning, with limited options at schools for children, aged under 14, of essential workers with no other at home options.