Harry’s rugby focus

Harry Galbraith is keen to showcase Mid Canterbury's rugby talent.

Harry Galbraith has been appointed media intern at Mid Canterbury Rugby.

The 21-year-old has just finished two years study at New Zealand Broadcasting School and is now completing his internship with the rugby union in his home town.

The six month position is the final step toward his broadcasting degree.

Harry, keen on social media content and creating sports podcasts, will be kept busy making use of social media channels and produce more content for the rugby union’s website.

There are plenty of avenues to pursue and the creation of podcasts focusing on Mid Canterbury Rugby and the impressive people involved with the game in the district.

He will also be writing articles and publishing fortnightly rugby updates on the website which will go into detail on events and news happening with rugby in Mid Canterbury.

Harry is keen to raise the exposure of local rugby of all levels in the media.

“It’s always been an area of mine that I’ve been enthusiastic about, and I would love to celebrate more of our local rugby, and everyone involved with the game,” he said.

“I hope by the end of my time in this role, I have been able to showcase the local rugby for the whole of Mid Canterbury to see, also I would like to highlight all of the talented rugby players of all ages and genders in the region.”