History etched on a shed


History is on the walls where the firemen worked.



What appears to be chevrons.

The markings are on the inside of walls of the old “new” fire shed at the Ashburton Aviation Museum.

It has just been shifted back to the airfield after years as a storage shed across from the airfield in Morris Road.

It was on a property occupied, until recently, by an Anglican order.

There, it housed a ride-on mower, but in its former life, it was the fire shed at the airfield when it was a WW2 training base bristling with Tiger Moths.

The fire shed was near the original control tower, but has been moved on to piles on its new site, beside the super hangar.

The names and initials, presumably, are those of servicemen who operated fire appliances.

The museum is seeking a fire engine to go into the shed to complete the historic picture.

Meanwhile, improvements have been added to the replica control tower, opened earlier this year.

A phone system has been rigged up between it, the super hangar and the original hangar.Nike sneakersnike fashion